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Business Planning

You’ve poured your passion into your business and have a lot to protect now, with big plans for more. You probably already have a business banker, accountant, and lawyer. Now you need to think about insurance. Our experts can work with you to craft a plan that protects your life’s work and your loved ones, while also helping your business thrive. You can even use our retirement and insurance offerings to help recruit and keep employees. No matter how long you’ve been around, or how big or small your business, our team can help you get ready for whatever the future holds.

Business planning usually seeks to address key needs in one of three areas – the Three “T”s: planning for Today, Taxes and Tomorrow.

Planning for Today means looking at key protection concerns for the owners of the business, both personal and for the business itself. This might include key man life or disability insurance on an owner-operator, buy-sell funding for partnerships and asset protection strategies. We also look at protection planning for employees including voluntary and group benefit plans, executive bonus strategies to retain mission critical employees and key man protection.

Planning for Taxes is done in conjunction with your CPA or other tax advisor. We look at strategies to both minimize taxes today (by deferring income, adding deductions etc.) and minimizing taxes in the future (through after-tax savings strategies).

Planning for Tomorrow means considering how and when you want to transition the ownership of your business. Will you sell it (to a competitor, key employee, investor etc.) or give it to your children or other family? Will that transition happen while you are still alive or at the end of your life? What needs to be done to protect that plan from a premature death or before a sale is complete?

Business is filled with uncertainty. Now you can plan for that. With our financial professionals, you can learn about ways to protect your business, reward your employees, and plan for the future.